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Frequent Questions

Why should I join Provider's Network, Inc.?

Becoming a family childcare provider takes time, work and money.  Provider's Network, Inc. (PNI) has the resources, staff, passion and commitment to help every member that joins our program succeed in their career.

What areas in Nebraska do you serve?

PNI travels throughout the State of Nebraska to serve any licensed or legally exempt provider in the State.

How are providers reimbursed and when?

Providers log their information into the software system each day and at the end of the month, they submit their claim to PNI.  PNI then processes the claim and cash payment is directly deposited into the provider's account each month.

Will I get the attention and help I need?

PNI is an agency with over 30 years of experience and their providers are their #1 priority!  PNI takes great pride in their ongoing training to ensure their providers are set up for success to maximize their reimbursements each month and offer a successful daycare program to the families they care for. Staff turnover is very rare, and all current staff have been with PNI for over TEN years!! 

How can I stay informed of any new regulations, classes or other sponsor information?

PNI sends a monthly newsletter electronically to providers via their email and also has their newsletters and class schedules available on this website each month.

What classes does PNI offer?

PNI offers nutrition classes, Pediatric CPR/FA and Safe with You to any in-home provider (even if they do not participate with PNI) and center staff.